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We offer integrated and customized services of an advertising agency, business coaching, management consultancy, administration and website development. By making a conscious effort to scale down our overheads, we keep your costs within your budget. Despite our affordability, our quality of work and scope of services is not compromised because of our hand-picked specialized experts that work on every project.

Perfect for small and medium sized businesses: Large businesses have the time and money to work with several specialized agencies and employ a workforce of various talents. But small and medium businesses rarely have the luxury of that time and money. By working with Nida Sayed Communications, you are essentially outsourcing your own in-house team and getting a little army of expert business coaches and consultants at the same time. Our unique model provides holistic services that get you the results that you want. Although we don't charge you an arm and a leg, we don't give your work to a junior member of the team either. We are a team of working experts, with real experience and creative skills.

A freelancing model based on team empowerment: Our team is committed to you because we are committed to our team. We understand the importance of providing support to our experts and to honour their family and lifestyle commitments, so they can achieve the elusive work-life balance. This, in turn, allows them to provide our clients with their best work. We don't have to look out for talent whenever we land a new account and our experts don't have to battle redundancy if we lose an account. We all work together because we share a common passion of huge successes for our clients.


NIDA SAYED - Founder, Director and Communications Coach
AMRESH BORKAR - Director - Arts and Graphics
CAMILLE MOHAMED - Director - Content and Copywriting
ANGELA FREDRICKS - Director - Website Development
BELINDA BARROCKS - Director - Image and Visual Expressions
LUCIEN ATKINS - Director - Business Planning
INGRID HART - Director - Urban Media and Life Coaching
SHIRLEY EDWARDS - Director - Leadership and Life Coaching
JAYA PRASAD - Director - Creative Advertising


A veteran in the industry, Nida has revitalized the art of communication. With her dedication to authentic communication, Nida infuses the qualities of empowerment, honesty, trust and positive thought in all of her work. Nida completed her Bachelors degree in community resource management and her Masters degree in Mass Communcation. She brings with her an impressive career history where she has created, managed and streamlined communications initiatives and projects for various organizations. Nida's experience is derived from working for big corporations to medium sized businesses, Not-for-profits, futuristic ad agencies, small businesses and voluntary organizations across three continents. Now, a small business coach for Canadian Businesses, she has helped businesses reach and maintain success through her recognizable branding, communications and marketing development. With an innovative mind and passion for transformative messages, Nida's abilities are a force to be reckoned with. She is the first choice for many looking to take their businesses to the next level. Nida Sayed is a pillar in utilizing communication to create a dynamic impact and positive influence.

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