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Service & Retainer Fees

We offer a unique combination of a marketing communications agency, management team, business coaches, administration assistants and website developers.

An entrepreneur needs different services at different times in their business life cycle. NSC gives you - A service constantly customized to your unique changing needs.

A surviving business in today's highly competitive market needs expert and experienced services. NSC gives you - Hand picked experts work on every project.

A small business desires a seamless service, so they don't have to start from scratch every time they meet a new business coach or consultant. NSC gives you - 360 degree service that communicates with each other and works together to realize your business dreams.

Today's entrepreneur craves for services that are tailored to their budget. NSC gives you - Ability to work with tight budgets.

Marketing and Communications

Building the Right Mix

Image, Graphics and Marketing Tools

Creating Visible Credibility

Life Coaching

Bringing out the Best in You

Management Consultation

Plan for Powerful Performance

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