Changing tides with speed and expertise!

If you are a trade organization, a not for profit or an educational institution that supports immigrants, minority groups, women, youth or marginalized individuals in becoming successful business owners, then you qualify for our exclusive program - SUCCESS SAFARI.

SUCCESS SAFARI is our signature program for organizations that support small businesses. You have taken on a strong and monumental task of supporting small businesses, and we are here to compliment and supercharge your undertaking. Success Safari offers your member businesses a super quick, highly targeted, hand held journey to success. What would generally take a lot of trial and error, lots of different vendors; search of the right support group etc. is all accomplished in a short time and relatively much smaller costs.

In a completely unique, supercharged, kick starter program that brings together the best of industry skills and experience - we build businesses with speed and expertise.

SUCCESS SAFARI consists of 3 stages:

  1. Express Success Rollercoaster - Business Boot Camp (1-3 days)

    In a highly intensive workout with our expert team of management consultants and life coaches, we provide you applicable life coaching, management consultation and brand analysis to streamline your business.

  2. Visible Magic - Marketing kit development (2-4 weeks)

    Soon after the boot camp, our hands-on team gets to some high velocity work. We develop marketing strategy, action plan and promotional materials necessary for the businesses - website, business stationary, flyers, promotional products, forms, invoices, email templates, customer relationship modules etc.

  3. Solid Support - Immersion Program (8 weeks)

    Once you get your marketing kit and action plan, we offer supportive mentorship through weekly phone/ Skype coaching. The mentorship focuses on action plan, accountability and support.

And that's not all!

SUCCESS SAFARI is extremely rich and at the same time extremely flexible too. We work with your organization to best complement your existing services. We tailor our program to fill the needs your clients' pressing needs. Our governing principle is always a win-win for your organization, your business members and our sponsors.

An estimated value of our program is $10,000 each participant business. And thanks to the commitment of our team members for a healthy Canadian economy, it might be available to you at throw away costs.

Trade organizations or Not-for-profits supporting small businesses: Contact us to know how Success Safari can work for your members within your budget.

Socially conscious businesses, ministries and Corporate: Contact us to know how sponsoring Success Safari could aid your social responsibility and marketing goals at the same time.

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